New Farmers Gathering / New Farmers Gathering


 Our organizing group had a meeting Tuesday night, and as a result of many factors, especially low pre-registration and a late spring start in the fields, we have sadly decided it is best to postpone and/or re-vision this year’s New Farmers Gathering.


As a result of the amazing presenters, topics and workshops that were to be presented at this year’s event, we are considering re-visioning this year into a series of afternoon workshops, possibly on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer. The thirst for this knowledge is evident, however committing to gathering for a weekend this early summer did not seem be the best vehicle to deliver it in 2015.

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If you had been intending to come to the New Farmers Gathering on June 6 & 7 please let us know. It will help us in planning a possible New Farmers Gathering event next year. Thanks!

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Photos from the last New Farmers Gathering:

2014 new farmers gathering farmers field black rock nova scotia

2014 New Farmers Gathering Black Rock